New Year - New Me?

2017 was a mixed bag in many ways, therefore I am not really sad that the year is coming to a close.
And although I have a lot of plans for 2018, I don't want to make a lot of resolutions except for losing weight - but that's always on the list. ;) Instead, I have joined an online group that focuses on cutting spending to the necessities.

I really enjoy online shopping for clothes - I can browse for hours in my sweatpants and don't have to deal with people. So when an email lands in my inbox promising x% off, I get very excited. I am not much of a luxury shopper. Most luxury items I own (a purse, a coat and a wallet) were gifts or I got them (jewelry) for a lot less because I worked for the company.

Most of my funds go towards vacations. I just love traveling and exploring different countries! Now that we've adopted a kitty cat, traveling will require some additional planning and consideration. We have a few trips on the radar for 2018, however, way less than previously.  Plus, with my recently developed food allergies and intolerances, traveling has become a lot more exhausting. Not being able to taste copious amounts of local wine is a real drawback. Nonetheless, I always thought traveling is worth the money, i.e. a need for my well-being.

What is not worth the money is random stuff. So when I discovered this online group that is meant to support its members on not buying 'stuff' for a year but only spend it on necessities, I was intrigued. Living in the US makes you crazy for accumulating stuff. Life circles around shopping. In Europe, people don't really care what you wear and what you own - teenagers exempt (they cray).

Once or twice a year, I get into this clearing-shit-out-rage and every time I end up with several bags full of clothes I haven't worn in forever (sometimes never) or have grown out of - either sideways or due to age. I just can't pull off Daisy Dukes anymore... Not sure, if I ever could. I then leave the bags in the apartment for at least a month, occasionally pulling a piece out again. I'm weak. Once there is space in the closet, I embark on filling that space up again. Rolling eyes at myself here...

When I came across this group, I thought they could be on to something. Every day, people ask questions on how to deal with temptation and everyone chimes in with supportive suggestions. Today, when I had to go to the grocery store, which is located inside a shopping mall (temptation central), I saw 'on sale' signs in every window. It was tough not to walk into each and every store. I thought of the words from the group and asked myself the essential questions:
1) Do I really need this?
2) Do I really even want this or do I just think I should buy it because it is on sale?

The answer to 1): Nope, I don't need it.
The answer to 2): The sale signs make me want to buy just because but I don't even really want anything.
I walked home without shopping bags and even left the grocery store only with the 4 items on my list. Once I left the mall I did not feel like I was missing out on anything - I did not have non-buyers remorse.

So this will be my strategy for 2018: not buying shit I don't need. Call it a resolution if you will.

HAPPY 2018!


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