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And the Naked, Bold Golden Man Goes to... - It's Oscar Day

The day that Hollywood is waiting for all year has finally come. It's Oscar Day! Or more officially - the day of the Academy Awards. Actors, actresses, gowns, suits, pasties, double-sided tape, a copious number of real and fake smiles, and many, many starved bodies.

Yes it's cheesy, yes it's unattainable for the regular Joe Shmoe to attend BUT it's also fun just to watch! Probably more for women and the gays. Sorry (straight) boys. The excitement is palpable in the entire city of Los Angeles in the days leading up. Maybe even through the entire award season. SAG, Writer's Guild, Golden Globes, Independent Spirit Awards - we love to watch them all.
Yesterday, for the first time in my nine years of living in Los Angeles, I went to the Kodak Theater the day before the actual award show. On the way, I saw a giant mural on the wall in a poorer neighborhood, of the oscar statuette wearing a hoodie. The dream of 'Oscar' lingers within every social group. They c…