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'LAlien' is now also available on Amazon for pre-order! Happy World Book Day!!!!!

My book is now available online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Year's Resolutions Update

On January 4th, I posted my New Year's resolutions for 2016:

Here is a quick update on the status of those resolutions:

1) I plan on losing 6 pounds and about 1 inch around the waist by the time I have my first bridal gown fitting in the spring.
STATUS: I lost 4 of those 6 pounds. The last 2 pounds just don't want to go away! Argh! I have less than a month until my fitting!!!

2) I want to hang on to the lost weight and inches until I acutally get married. :)
STATUS: See 1)

3) I want to publish my first book before the summer!
STATUS: I got my book prototype a few weeks ago and I am ready to give the go-ahead for the final print!!! The excitement is building!!! I hope my book will be on the bookstore shelves and online by the end of April!

4) I want to eat less chocolate. I can't get really specific about this goal. Anything less than the current amount is a success.
STATUS: I think I can say I have been successful here. However, not due to my strong will power but rather du…