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12 Months to 40

When I was a teenager, fourty was always my scary-age. People who were fourty were officially 'old'. They were boring, had a steady job and had the same routine everyday. Their lives seemed basically over and they were just waiting for death to come. Last week, I turned 39. I have twelve months to go before I am officially 'old'...


My late thirties snuck up on me like a bold eagle on its prey. I CANNOT believe I just turned 39 - the last year in my thirties has begun. I still remember waking up the day after my 29th birthday. A sense of panic came over me and I started to cry. At the time, I thought the midlife crisis was upon me. So I was waiting for it to set in. I wasn't sure what it would feel like but I was ready for it. And then... it never came!

I had a blast in my thirties! I lived life to the fullest. At the time, I lived in Santa Monica, just minutes from the beach. I was in top shape - as most people living in LA are - and I had a great lifestyl…