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It's Spring: Time to Smile


A magical thing happens every year in Austria right around this time: people remember how to smile!

When I lived in California, I was really confused why everyone was so damn happy all the time. I arrived in LA in the middle of September and my mood had already gone into hybernation ready for winter. But there is no real winter in LA. My body was confused - and my mood even more so. And then I got it: sunshine makes people happy! Eureka! Who knew?!

Now as spring has sprung in Austria, I can see the same phenomnon. Yesterday, I ran into a neighbor. She smiled at me! And even greeted me! I was confused but immediately showed appreciation by smiling and greeting back. Of course, the springtime-miracle mood-lift doesn't work on everyone - my downstairs neighbor would rather bodycheck anyone in her way than crack a smile. Gee lady-no-smiles, give it a try, it doesn't hurt. 

Nevermind the sourpuss face from downstairs, I love this time of the year! I know this smiling is …

A Little Nudge for Those with Writer's Block

Are you an experienced writer suffering from writer's block? Do you want to become a writer but don't know where to start?

Check out these '50 Writing Prompts' to get into the flow of writing. This technique really works for me! Let me know if it also helps you!

Social Media Killed the Video Star - and My Mood

You may have noticed that I haven't posted a blog article in a while. This is partly due to me being busy at my day job - nope, I don't make a living (yet) with just writing - and on the other hand due to me being worn out ... by social media. Specifically by Instagram.

I kept hearing about travel bloggers, fashion bloggers and motivational speakers having tens of thousands of followers making really good money through sponsored posts and getting lots of freebies in exchange for product reviews. That sounded intriguing to me. I like writing. I like trying new things. Sounds like my calling. I knew I had to get started with generating lots of followers. I thought I look into that some more. I learned that good, clean photos and the right kind of hashtags as well as frequent postings will lead to getting more followers. Before I started to take Instagram more seriously, I only used it to put a filter on my photos for posting on Facebook later. My skin just looks better in Gingha…