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Yesterday's News

The U.S. media is quite a curious creature. Whether it is a major news network like CNN or MSNBC or one of the local outlets, American media tries to up the ante on itself on a daily basis. Everything is 'Breaking News' or a 'Developing Story'. From the latest high speed chase to Obama having a cheese sandwich for lunch. Oh, and it needs to be pointed out if he is wearing his flag pin, while eating that sandwich, cuz if not, you know what that means!
The main media-idiom I struggle with, is the equal importance that is given to 'true' news story like the bill that was passed in Congress or the uprisings in the Middle East but also the wacky 'news' story of Charlie Sheen's implosion of his career. One effects us all directly, the other only marginally - if at all.

The 24-hour news cycle can be overwhelming. I moved here ten days after 9/11. You had to forklift me off the couch to get me away from the TV - because if I was going to die, I needed to kn…

A quick note on airline etiquette...

As the occasional jet-setter that I am, I've encountered rather curious behavior on long distance and also not so long flights. So here is a quick rant on how you can successfully piss me off on a plane.

It is not okay to: - snore - take your shoes off when you have cheesy feet - pick at your teeth with a tooth pick for hours on end - including when you are talking to me - hog all the elbow space on the shared arm rest - not bring a pacifier when you have a small kid - not do something about it when your kid - who doesn't have a pacifier - is screaming for hours - fart - burp - chew your food with your mouth open - chew your gum with your mouth open - not wash your hands after using the bathroom - bending my head rest all the way back when you use it to peel yourself out of your seat - keep snapping the elastic of your seat pocket - drum your feet against the back of my seat - put your feet up on my arm rest when you sit behind me - kick me while you (or I) are asleep (oh yes…

And the Naked, Bold Golden Man Goes to... - It's Oscar Day

The day that Hollywood is waiting for all year has finally come. It's Oscar Day! Or more officially - the day of the Academy Awards. Actors, actresses, gowns, suits, pasties, double-sided tape, a copious number of real and fake smiles, and many, many starved bodies.

Yes it's cheesy, yes it's unattainable for the regular Joe Shmoe to attend BUT it's also fun just to watch! Probably more for women and the gays. Sorry (straight) boys. The excitement is palpable in the entire city of Los Angeles in the days leading up. Maybe even through the entire award season. SAG, Writer's Guild, Golden Globes, Independent Spirit Awards - we love to watch them all.
Yesterday, for the first time in my nine years of living in Los Angeles, I went to the Kodak Theater the day before the actual award show. On the way, I saw a giant mural on the wall in a poorer neighborhood, of the oscar statuette wearing a hoodie. The dream of 'Oscar' lingers within every social group. They c…