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Election Hangover

Did you also wake up with a massive hangover this morning? Not just because you jugged numerous glasses of wine to either celebrate or cry over the election results but also because this has been a long and agonizing road.

Personally, I am absolutely gutted about the election outcome - as an American, as an immigrant and most of all as a woman. If this election tells us one thing, it is that misogyny is more acceptable to the public at large than being a woman.

Men who voted for Trump told their mothers, sisters and daughters that they are below a racists, homophobes and sexual predators.
Women who voted for Trump diminished the value of their own existence. They basically said 'yes, I am worth less than a hateful man.'

Even if you believe that Trump is a good business man, which I don't think he is (why not show your tax returns if you have nothing to hide? AND he has a court date coming about accusations of fraud concerning Trump university), that belief should not outw…