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It's all about the cheese!

I love cheese! Pretty much all types of cheese - aged, young, ripe, flavored, soft, hard, French, Spanish, Austrian, from the cow, from the sheep and from the goat - and sometimes even from the buffalo. There are few culinary things that satisfy my tastebuds more than delicious cheese with crunchy bread and paired with a good glass of wine.

There is no doubt that Europe does cheese very well and you can also find delicious cheese plates here in Vienna. Selfless as I am, I sacrificed my waistline once again (after my two part series of coffee and cake tasting in The Ring-Part 1 and The Ring-Part 2) to find the best cheese plates in town for YOU!

Across the street from the Theater in der Josefstadt in the 8th district is a tiny little wine bar called WeinRaum. It seems to be a family-run place with only two people working there. The wine selection is not huge but big enough to taste several whites and reds during the course of an evening. They have a lot of meat dishes to choose …

Verlosung von 15 Exemplaren zur Teilnahme an Leserunde

Image verlost 15 Exemplare meines Buches 'LAlien-From the Austrian Alps to the Hollywood Hills' bis kommenden Sonntag, den 19. Februar. Die Gewinner nehmen dann an einer virtuellen Leserunde teil.

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