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Morocco surprised me in every way!

Morocco has been on my list of places to visit for quite some time. This May, the time had finally come!

I thought Moroco was all about camels, couscous and desert but I couldn't have been more wrong! Marrakech has countless parks and the buildings show intricate designs and powerful colors. I especially loved the beautiful doors and gates of the various buildings. People are very friendly and everyone speaks English!

Did you know that designer Yves Saint Laurent used to live in Marrakech? You can visit his incredible blue house surrounded by a lovely and colorful garden.

The souk was bustling but no one was pushy. The food was INCREDIBLE and very vegetarian friendly. We took a trip to the ocean to visit the city of Essaouira, which apparently used to be hippie-town where Jimmy Hendrix briefly lived.

We went on a sunrise hot air balloon ride (my first) and it was an incredible experience! Floating across the tree tops of olive trees and seeing the sun rise in the distance was ab…

A Blue and Bluer Smokescreen

Austria feels a sense of pride when it comes to being what they call nostalgic about the past and going against the mainstream. The rest of the world calls it being backward.

In 2015, the Austrian government at the time passed a law that would finally take Austria to the same progressive level as the majority of Western countries: banning smoking in bars, restaurants and clubs. However, it wouldn't be Austria if things were that simple. The government gave establishments over 2 years to prepare for the law to come into effect - May 2018 - which would fall under the legislative period of the next government. I was very happy about the law as I am one of those 'annoying' people who get a headache and burning eyes as well as the urge to cough as soon as I am exposed to smoke. At the same time, I thought the long time before the law actually will be enacted may be problematic as the new government may have other ideas. It turned out that I was right... and in this case, I wish…

Press Release: Book Presentation of LAlien for Sietar Austria at the Vienna Expat Center

Sietar Austria invited me to hold a reading of my book LAlien-From the Austrian Alps to the Hollywood Hills at the Vienna Expat center on January 21. And so I did.

Check out the Press Release by MyMorawa summarizing the fantatic evening:

Trimming the Stuff-Fat

My last blog post in 2017 was about my intention of holding back on unnecessary purchases in 2018 - and I am still quite serious about it. During our trip to London over New Year's, I realized two of my
biggest weaknesses are:
- vacation shopping, and
- boredom shopping

In the past, I have often dedicated a whole day to shopping when on vacation. I'm not really sure when this 'tradition' came about but it has been my thing. We only had 4 days in London and the city was crazy crowded. For some reason, I had absolutely no desire to go shopping. I only bought some supplements at Whole Foods, which is a store I loved in the US and doesn't exist in Austria. I was waiting for that 'feeling of missing out' to set in for not roaming through the shops, when walking past the shopping area, however, I got so distracted by all the sights I wanted to see that experiences became more important than things.  Sure, it would have been much easier to spend the day at the mal…