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Call me shallow but I miss 'The Bubble'

After spending the last weekend sick in bed and alternatively on the couch, I maxed out on Netflix documentaries, shows and movies. It made me realize how much I miss American trashy television. Yes, it's shallow. Yes, it's dumb. Yes, I like that kind of stuff sometimes. Binge watching endless reruns of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Beverly Hills, New York and sometimes Atlanta was an amazing guilty pleasure on the weekends. When I was on a business trip in St. Louis, Missouri, which included a weekend and I was done with sightseeing after 3.5 hours, I got myself a serving of quesadillas (the only vegetarian food I could find) and ate it in bed while watching Bravo. Reality show after reality show! I loved it! I spent the next day and a half on my bed-island with cheese stains in my jammies. It was an incredible weekend of wasting time and expanding waistbands.

The other realization I had while being cooped up and watching Hollywood movies and shows was how much I miss…