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Repatriation Nation

I recently read an article about someone who 'repatriated' after six months of traveling. The writer talked about how difficult it was to reconnect with friends after she (or he - not sure) had been gone for so long.

First, I think that if you lose your friends after you have been gone only for six month, they may not have been real friends anyway. So... good ridance. Second, try reconnecting with friends from school after you have been gone for over a decade!

When I made it known on social media that I was about to move back to my home country, I had a lot of people from school reconnect with me and wanting to meet up as soon as I got there. I was excited that so many of them were interested in what I had been up to.

The first friend I met up with is someone I went to kindergarden and school with. We had brunch and talked about the old days and the new days. Over the course of eating some scrambled eggs and drinking a cappuccino, it became pretty clear that this friendship wa…

Lavender Teaser

Here are a few teaser photos from my recent trip to the famous lavender fields in the south of France. If you haven't seen them yet in person, put them on your list as a must-see in late June through mid-Juli.


All photo rights belong to my husband (and some to my selfie stick)

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