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The Prototype is here!!!!!!!!!!!


Fear: The F-Word in Writing and Publishing

As I get closer to the point of giving my 'go' to publish my book, I feel the fear getting more intense every day. Some excitement too of course but the fear is big. What am I so afraid of? The fears of publishing a book - and not just a book but a memoir! - are manyfold.

I am afraid people will not like my book, which could be a rejection of my writing skills or they are telling me that my life is not nearly as interesting as I thought it was.
I also suspect that there are some 'friends' out there who may want to see me crash and burn and feel validated in their superiority by my 'failure'.
I am afraid people will not buy my book as making money from doing what you love to do is also a form of recognition. It's important that I like my book first - and I do - and validation from the outside should only be secondary. But let's be real, we like being validated by others.
I am afraid people will give me poor reviews online. Reviews are permanent and publ…