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My First Review on

LAlien-From the Austrian Alps to the Hollywood Hills got a 5* review on!!!!

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The Lump

"You have a lump on your right thyroid" the doctor said as he opened the door to leave.
"What does that mean?" I lifted my head from the horizontal position trying not to get the goo from the ultrasound all over my t-shirt.
"Come back Wednesday and get your test results to discuss them with your PCP. Most of the time lumps are fine."
The radiologist took his cigarette-smell covered coat and himself out the door. I had the impression that he was counting the days to retirement in his head as he exited the room. By the looks of it, he didn't have too many left.

Wait! What? I have a lump? Just the day earlier my biggest worry was how to generate more followers on Instagram.

The doctor told me the news on Monday and I had to pick up the results on Wednesday. This gave me 48 hours to research the 10,000 different things a lump could mean on the internet. Going to work the next day was though but I was thankful for the distraction. Wednesday came and I ra…

LAlien is turning 1 year old!!!!!!

Today, my book-baby turned one year old!

To celebrate LAlien's first birthday, I was interviewed by fellow writer E. Rachael Hardcastle.

Check out the interview here: