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Marilyn Manson doesn't need a costume for Halloween

The year I went to a Halloween Party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and Marilyn Manson was the host. No costume necessary.

Snowy mountains & sandy shores are nowhere as close as in LA

Los Angeles - where you  can ski and go to the beach all in the same day!

Fright Night - Halloween

Halloween was my favorite celebration of the year. Always crazy! Always fun!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Looks, diets and bone removal

--> Life by the beach and in the movie capital of the world brought one additional factor into my life that would eventually take up more time of my daily life than I could ever have anticipated: body image – and the issues and maintenance that came with it.
When I first moved to L.A., I couldn’t grasp why people cared so much about how they looked and all the effort they put into healthy eating habits. It seemed like a lot of unnecessary work. I was not going to let myself get influenced by the constant media propaganda of what women were supposed to look like. Perfect hair. Perfect teeth. Perfect nails. Perfect body. To me, the women all looked the same – an exaggerated version of themselves somewhere between a Barbie and a blow-up doll. Big boobs, big lips, tight butt, tiny waist. I thought they were crazy, unoriginal and unauthentic. I soon learned that authenticity was not a concern for Angelinos. Fake was accepted and often even expected.
However, over time, I started to f…