Election Hangover

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Did you also wake up with a massive hangover this morning? Not just because you jugged numerous glasses of wine to either celebrate or cry over the election results but also because this has been a long and agonizing road.

Personally, I am absolutely gutted about the election outcome - as an American, as an immigrant and most of all as a woman. If this election tells us one thing, it is that misogyny is more acceptable to the public at large than being a woman.

Men who voted for Trump told their mothers, sisters and daughters that they are below a racists, homophobes and sexual predators.
Women who voted for Trump diminished the value of their own existence. They basically said 'yes, I am worth less than a hateful man.'

Even if you believe that Trump is a good business man, which I don't think he is (why not show your tax returns if you have nothing to hide? AND he has a court date coming about accusations of fraud concerning Trump university), that belief should not outweigh the importance of the safety of our daughters, mothers and sisters.

I am in no way saying we should have voted for Hillary because she is a woman. No, I am saying we should NOT have voted for Trump because he belittles, berates and outright hates women - no matter how often he says how much he loves women. Parents teach children 'do what I say not as I do' and parents know best that doesn't work. People will see 'President' Trump treat women poorly and follow suit - cases of harassment have already emerged following the election outcome.

Yesterday, I unfriended a Trump supporter on Facebook. I hardly ever unfriend people on Facebook because I don't care that much. However, he posed the question 'What is more important to you: equality or liberty' clearly hinting that a Clinton presidency may have brought more equality but that Trump secures the freedom of Americans. This is the type of question only a white male can ask. For everyone else (a woman or a minority) there is no true liberty without equality. This just goes to show how disconnected white males are with the reality of what life is like for women and minorities.

Only time will tell what a Trump presidency will hold for America - and for the world. And we all know: hope dies last.

I am woman! Hear me roar!



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